We did GREAT Kunt Brigade! We got lots of reblogs from Part I. Now it’s time to put #FREEAZEALIA into action! Keep reblogging this post and repost it to your blog. Repost it to Twitter, Facebook, etc. So that we can get SOMEONE’S attention. We already got Jungle Pussy’s attention. We have people reposting on Twitter. Now just tweet it to Azealia and other artists that like her, example: Machinedrum, Cara Delevigne, Ellie Goulding, OWWWLS, Lil Internet, Little Debbie, and more. EVERY reblog/repost/like matters! We did a great job the first time so don’t stop now! Azealia does need our help. It’s a great way to show her we still care. She’s got most of the world against her. Look at it from her shoes. Once again. Repost this to your blog and tag #FREEAZEALIA.